Day by Day Tasks gadget

Dear Day by Day users,

We’ve got a handy little surprise for you - Day by Day Tasks gadget! A gadget that allows you to see Google Tasks with Day by Day features on Google Calendar web page.
If you use Day by Day Android app, you already know how convenient is it to have priorities, subtasks, reminders and repeatable tasks. Unfortunately, Google Tasks Gadget doesn`t have these Day by Day features. So we decided to develop a gadget which will help you to see your tasks on Google Calendar web page like you can it with Day by Day Android app.

At the moment we’re testing it. Please, don’t stay aside and try it out!
To use this gadget follow the link.
Say "Yes" if you want to install a gadget and you'll see it on the right corner of your Google Calendar Page. It will be there every time you visit your Google Calendar web page.

NOTE: You have to follow the link only once, right after you add the gadget, it will be in your online Google Calendar every time you open it.

The project is open source, in case you come upon any problems or bugs, please let us know here

Don’t forget to use Day by Day Chrome extension for quick task/event adding to your Google Calendar.

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