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Adding pictures to an event/task

Should have a map of the location to go along with the 'location' field of a meeting when we input the details.

Currently when I click on the location I'm directed to Google Maps so I'm relying on GPS, but I don't have data services all the time and it is a hassle to change between apps.
A small section of Google Maps would suffice.

It's sort of what you see in the 'Pan Planner' app.
Maybe an option to add pics relevant to the event would be good as well- so I can add hand-drawn maps/ a pic of handwritten directions to get to the location

It can also be useful for tasks eg a diagram relevant to a meeting or a shopping list

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  • Paulo Alves commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I use Google Tasks as a interface between Office Outlook and Android Task reminders' Apps (Appiens app is one of the best ones i've tried.)

    I know Google Tasks has a lot of limitations.
    One of it is the management of pictures:
    - Pictures inserted in a event/task, in a MS Office Outlook session, usually got placed in a random place or even disappear, since the event/task is edited and saved in (almost all) Android apps, once they return to base (MS Office Outlook) after synchronization.

    Also, any other more complex items, such as Tables, paragraphs, text styles and many other Word-specific attributes disappear from the original event/task record.
    This is quite frustrating!

    However, my issue is related to images/pictures (jpg, png, gif) inserted inside text notes (not attachments).

    Is there any kind of "text commands" or controls to insert between pictures, just to "pack" them in a protected entity, avoiding any kind of damage, during the synchronization process? A sort of HTML syntax or so...

    The purpose is NOT to "view" the picture in the Android app.
    The purpose is to PERSERVE pictures integrity, when the event/task is reopened in MS Office Outlook.

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